Easy Bicycle Touring

Easy Bicycle Touring


This site is for bicycle enthusiasts everywhere, beginner or veteran. Are you looking for a great bicycle touring journey? Perhaps, you’d like some help when it comes to planning the trip, the cycling gear you need or accommodation options along the way. Either way, this site is the right place for you.


Easy Bicycle Touring
Find Interesting Destinations

Want to know the best destinations and routes for bicycle touring? We’ll be sharing with you many of the the top destinations in North America and Europe.

While some of the destinations we introduce are well known other routes are hidden gems known only to experienced cyclists. You will be able to pick a great destination with ease.

Stress Free Planning

Does the idea of a stress free bicycle touring adventure appeal to you? Bicycle touring is different than regular cycling, so avoid pitfalls by planning the route of your dreams in easy steps.

Learn travel tips for shipping your bicycle overseas; unique and traditional accommodation options;  about the different types of tours from solo to supported groups.  We have done all the hard work for you!


Great Bicycle Touring Gear


There is a wide choice of cycle panniers and other bicycle touring gear. We have researched the world’s cycle equipment suppliers and will demystify the options providing you with a hand picked selection of products.



Shopping Online

We use Amazon for most of the products listed on this site. We have found them to be dependable and they usually have great discounts, sometimes free shipping and frequently even no tax. You can be sure that your order is backed by a highly experienced customer support team and will be covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

We also use other trusted suppliers on occasion due to price considerations or product selection. Their shipping terms may be different so sure to check.

Shopping online eliminates a lot of the hassle of shopping in local stores. Who wants to have to bundle up in the cold, load the kids up, and search high and low to see if your local stores even have this item in stock? We hope you enjoy your shopping online experience.

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I am a avid cyclist who has been bicycle touring for over ten years. You may find me along the bicycle trails in both Europe and North America.

Have a great day cycling!

Tom Oxby