Bodensee to Konigsee Cycle Route

Germany’s Bodensee to Konigsee Bike Route

Germany’s Bodensee to Konigsee bike route is one of those undiscovered gems you sometimes find in Europe.The 410 km (255 mile) Bodensee to Konigsee bicycle route travels across southern Germany from Lake Constance (Bodensee) near the Austrian and Swiss border to Konigssee National Park in Berchtesgaden near Salzburg. At the start you may also connect with a long distance bicycle route around the Bodense or the Rhine Valley bike route. At the other end you may connect with the Mozart or Taurern long distance routes. What is love about this route is the variety of terrain as you cross Bavaria with hills, flat sections and quaint villages.

Lindau to Schwangau

Lake Constance to Konigssee Cycle routeThe route starts in Lindau on Lake Constance (Bodensee) and you will be cycling through the wooded Allgau region and along the shores of a lake near Immenstadt. Then it is into the foothills of the Alps and you approach Fussen with its castle overlooks the center of the city. However continue on Schwangau and spend a few nights. In the morning cycle a short distance get your tickets for Schloss Hohenschwangau and Schloss Neuschwanstein. The English language must be completed in that order and visiting both of these castles built by King Ludwig II is well worth it. For both tours you need to hike up which does take some time. There is a outdoor cafe near the entrance of Neuschwanstein if you arrive early.

After the tour we cycled nearby and took the Tegelberg cable car to the top for great views while having a beer and watching the hang gliders take off. There are also excellent hiking trails.

Schwangau to Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Leaving Schwangau you are also on a section of the Romantic Road Bicycle Route and the it is over flat terrain with the Alps on your right. On our ride we encountered a beer festival in Halblech right along the bike path. Continue cross country while we took a side trip to lovely Garmisch-Partenkirchen surrounded by mountains with a pedestrian friendly main street and worth stopping for a night or two.

Garmisch to Bad Tolz

Continuing from Garmisch-Partenkirchen which is located south of Munich the local bike trail here is a paved path separate from the road and fairly flat, which we followed a short distance to get back to the Bodensee to Konigsee bike route. We soon go into hilly country of Bavaria. Very special was when approaching Benediktbeuren we heard music and as we were traveling in late September we discovered a beer garden in full swing right beside the monastery. Of course we stopped as had numerous other cyclists. It has tough cycling to our overnight stop which we had reserved in advance. The next major town was Bad Tolz, an overnight stop, which is an interesting spa town along the Isar River. The downtown shops and restaurants are located on the side of a hill.

Bad Tolz to Fischbachau

Bodensee Konigsee Cycle RouteNext day turned out to be very rugged with numerous steep hills through a forested area. What made the going tough was that the route in this section is gravel until Tegernsee. Tegernsee a lakeside resort town with paved bicycle trails going in every direction and provided us with a wonderful lunch stop with views of mountains and the lake.. Off again up a large hill and down the other side we soon were cycling along the lakeside paved bicycle paths of the Schliersee. We arrived in the small town of Fischbachau which makes a great stop to stop for the night although there are only a few restaurants and hotels.

Fischbachau to Chiemsee

The next day was paved bicycle paths for the entire journey and it was not as hilly as some of the previous days. We traveled through small villages via gaps in the mountains before reaching the resort area of Bernau on Lake Chiemsee, the largest lake in Germany. There is a bicycle path around the entire lake should you wish to spend a few days like we did. Cycling across BavariaAlso consider taking the ferry to the island Herrenchiemsee to see the palace built by King Ludwig II and modeled after Versailles. Another ferry ride takes you Frauenchiemsee and charming fishing village with plenty of restaurants and art galleries.

Chiemsee to Konigsee

This is a long stretch  and yes the hills are back in a big way. Continuing along the Bodensee Route you soon get into this hilly section near Traunstein and continue to Bad Richenhall. The Tauern bicycle route from Salzburg joins in the town center along with a few other routes. Immediately leaving the town you start to climb a mountain as the bicycle trail meanders through the forest becoming steep at times.  After a long climb its all downhill to Berchtesgaden. We stayed in nearby Schonau which is a short walk from the Konigssee. Accommodation in this area can be tough to find so advance reservations should be considered. Click here for a cycling guide on this route. To check out other great European bike routes, click here. With mountain scenery, lakes, quaint villages and a well signed route we enjoyed our ride across Bavaria. Considering your next European Bike Routes then little known Bodensee to Konigsee Bike Route (Radweg)  provides a wonderful tour of Bavaria.

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