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There are some smaller essential bike accessories that are always necessary on any bicycle touring journey.

Bike bell – it is a legal requirement in many regions that you have a bell or horn on your bicycle. It just makes sense to alert pedestrians, particularly along bike paths, as you ride up behind them.

Bicycle light – again many places require that all cyclists have a light or at least reflectors. While bike touring you are sure to encounter some dark and gloomy days when it rains or you may need to ride to a restaurant at night so a light is essential so that you are visible to drivers.

Bicycle lock – you will find lots of debate as to the best way to lock your bike while touring, but the one thing that all cyclists agree is that you do need a lock of some type. If camping to lock to a nearby tree and if staying in a hotel (even with a bike storage room) for you piece of mind knowing your bike will still be there in the morning.

If you require any of these bike accessories for your trip click the links below.

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