Cuba Bicycle Tour

Cuba Bicycle Tour

One of the favourite destinations for cyclists who live in northern areas is a Cuba Bicycle Tour. There are numerous scheduled and charter flights to Havana, Varadero, Santiago de Cuba and Holguin other Cuban cities from Canada, Europe and Mexico.

Cuba Bicycle Tour Advantages

  • A very inexpensive destination
  • The warm climate is pleasant in the winter season; some find it very hot for your bicycle touring at times. Best time to visit is November to April
  • Friendly people, very safe as crime is almost non-existent
  • Largest island in the Caribbean with lots of cycling routes for 7, 14 nights or longer
  • Very little traffic on the roads
  • Plenty of guided bicycle tours available particularly to the western provinces and central part of the country


Cuba Bicycle Tour Types

Guided cycling tours of Cuba are offered by a number of tour operators: Exodus and Explore from the UK, McQueens Travel and G Adventures from Canada and others.

Another option that members of our cycling club do is to book a stay at one of the resort hotels, particularly in the Santiago or Holguin or Holguin areas, and go day trips on your bike. A third option is to explore on your own staying at inexpensive pension type accommodation.

If not on a guided Cuba bicycle tour which includes your bicycle then bring your own on the plane. Bicycle rentals (unless on a guided tour) are generally unreliable. A common practice when bicycle touring is to take an old bike, use it during your stay and leave it behind when you leave. Cuba is a poor country and the local people appreciate your old bike.

Do take this guide Bicycling Cuba: Fifty Days of Detailed Rides from Havana to Pinar Del Rio and the Oriente. Although printed in 2002 there will be few changes even today.

Cuba Bicycle Tour, What You Must See

Along the way you will see historic colonial cities, lush jungle forests and Cuba has a reputation for some of the greatest beaches in the world. Cuba drivers are accustomed to cyclists as many of the local people use bicycles, although you do need to watch out for potholes. Routes are generally not demanding, there will be some hilly sections particularly in eastern Cuba.

Cuba Bicycle Tour

A popular route from Havana is to cycle to the west to visit the Sierra del Rosario mountain range, a UNESCO biosphere reserve. In the center of the island you have Cuba’s most colonial city, Trinidad. Eastern Cuba is more mountainous and forested.

If planning your own tour stay in a Casa (a B and B) which are run by Cuban families and are very inexpensive. The food is cheap and plentiful and many consider it better than what is found in some of the 3 star resort hotels. Or, of course, you can stay in a deluxe hotel in a Varadero resort for day rides which many groups also do.

Even in the resort of Varadero I saw plenty of cyclists who rode along First street and along the peninsula, a distance of 30 km one way and you are sure to have a headwind in one direction. Others are a little more ambitious and cycle from Varadero to Havana, overnight and return.

If you are looking for a warm destination this winter, the Cuba bicycle tour is the most popular.

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