Cycle touring packing list

Bicycle Touring Packing List

Having a bicycle touring packing list of your own ensures that important items are not forgotten. The bicycle touring packing list allows you to efficiently consider the weight and space challenges while planning your trip.

The picture below is of a packed bike box of a cycling friend just prior to heading to the airport for our flight to Vienna for a 3 weeks along journey the Danube Bike Route. Many cyclists overpack, particularly on their first trip, and this person ended up mailing a box to our final destination after only 3 days on the journey.

Use this suggested bicycle touring packing list and revise after each trip to ensure it is current. The items on your list may vary depending on your personal needs, destination and season of travel but this is what I would use for a three week trip self supported cycling tour in Europe.

Bicycle Touring Packing List – Bicycle Clothing

Must be quick wash and dry

  • 2 sets of cycling gloves
  • 1 pair of cycling shoes or sandals
  • 1 set of booties or shoe covers
  • 2 pairs of cycling shorts
  • 2 pairs of cycling pants or tights
  • 2 cycling shirts – long or short sleeve depending on season
  • 1 set of arm warmers
  • 1 cycling or Gore-Tex jacket and perhaps a vest
  • 1 bike helmet

Bicycle Touring Packing List – Bicycle Equipment

  • Bicycle Touring Packing List1 bicycle with pannier rack – or use a rental bike
  • 1 set of rear panniers with covers plus handlebar bag
  • 1 bicycle box for flight – if required
  • 1 spare bicycle tire tube and patch kit
  • 1 set of basic bicycle tools
  • 2 water bottles
  • 1 bike lock with extra key
  • 1 high pressure bike pump
  • 1 bike computer and/or GPS, bell and light
  • 1 pedal wrench – if international flight, one per group
    Note: check local laws as many destinations may require a bell, light or reflectors

Bicycle Touring Packing List – Off Bike Clothing

Quick wash and dry clothing for sightseeing and evenings

  • 1 jacket or windbreaker with hood (should be water proof)
  • 1 sweater or lightweight fleece
  • 1 pair of walking shoes
  • 2 pairs of long pants or shorts – can use zip off pants
  • 2 shirts
  • underwear and socks
  • bathing suit and hat/cap are all optional

Bicycle Touring Packing List – Miscellaneous Items

  • Toiletries in travel size in clear bag as carry on luggage
  • Any prescriptions and medicines in original containers
  • Eco-friendly sunscreen,  sun glasses, insect repellent
  • Laundry soap
  • First aid kit – one per group
  • Camera with extra batteries and memory card
  • Day pack for use when sightseeing, some handlebar bags have carrying straps
  • Wrist watch and maybe a travel alarm
  • Energy bars
  • Cell phone
  • Camping equipment including bivy tent or shelter, sleeping bag, stove – if required

Bicycle Touring Packing List – Documents

  • Airline e-ticket and/or train tickets
  • Passport and any visas required
  • Credit card and cash in local currency
  • Travel insurance contact and policy number
  • Emergency phone list of family, copy of prescriptions
  • Cycling route maps, travel guide and language phrase book
  • Notebook, pen and reading material
  • Photocopy of all important documents in case of loss

Take your bicycle touring packing list and place the above items in plastic bags and place in your panniers in approximately equal weight. Heavier items should be at bottom of pannier, with things like raincoat at top. Your handlebar bag is for your camera, lunch and route maps.

Only one or two people in a group need to carry a pedal wrench, first aid kit and bike tools. Other tips for your cycling journey can be found by clicking the link.. Having a bicycle touring packing list with the above items you should have a enjoyable and comfortable cycling tour!

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