ATD Womens Cycling Capri

Women’s Cycling Padded Capri Review

The Women’s cycling padded Capri from Aero Tech Designs (ATD) provide a nice alternative to bike shorts with the extra padding you need for a comfortable ride. I find that many woman prefer the longer Capri length rather than cycling shorts.

ATD Women's Cycling Padded Capri

What is good about these ATD Cycling Capri

Very comfortable – they are made from the highest quality, buttery soft nylon / spandex tricot fabric. This long lasting shock absorbing cellular urethane is designed to absorb shock for the life of the short and provide comfort. These Capri can be expected to last for years and years as a high performance garment for your cycling needs.

Compression for muscle support – the spandex support increases blood flow through the muscles resulting in increased oxygen and less fatigue. The movement of your skin is supported nicely as you exercise.

Excellent padding –  these Capri tights come with a classic black Coolmax crotch pad. This will be the most comfortable bike pad you have ever worn as it is made of long lasting foam for anti-shock and comfort. The nice and thick pad resists abrasion, is smooth and wrinkle free.

Breathable –  the padding is breathable in that it lets water vapor and perspiration move away from the body. The molded foam cells are “open cell structure” which allow water transportation while maintaining its ability to absorb shock without bottoming out.

Durable – coverstitched non elastic hem is very comfortable Inseam is approximately 18 inches unstretched and lays below the knee as pictured


Women’s Cycling Padded Capri Features

  • Made of highest quality, soft nylon 80% and 20% spandex tricot fabric
  • Padded with the seamless classic black Cycling chamois pad
  • coverstitched non elastic hem
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Black color
  • Made in USA

Click here to check out the extra large sizes from XXX to 5XL.

What users of these Women’s Cycling Capri say

There were lots of positive reviews for these women’s Capris. Many cyclists commented that they found these to be very comfortable with no rolling at the top or bottom, a great value. Fit true to size.

Reviewers also commented on how much they liked the breathable fabric and stated the Capri dry quickly.

Most cyclists found the padding to be just right, not too bulky. One reviewer remarked that they work way better than my bike shorts and she has found she is not wanting to take them off after the ride because they are so comfortable  Another rider said they have lots of padding in all the right places and make a huge difference when cycling.

Also reviewers commented that they were durable but light weight and that they were made in the U.S. and not China. 

Click here to check out all of our cycling clothing.  The ATD Women’s cycling padded Capri provide good value while providing a comfortable ride.


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