Topeak Explorer Bike Rack

Topeak Explorer Bike Rack Review

Topeak Explorer Rack
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The Topeak Explorer Bike Rack is a durable and versatile rear cargo rack for long-distance touring. This bike rack works very well with all Topeak MTX QuickTrack-compatible bags.

Topeak Explorer Bike Rack

What is good about the Topeak Bike Rack

Tough construction – sturdy, the 6061 hollow aluminum construction is tough yet lightweight, and red/taillight mounts offer safety-minded touches. It is designed for compatibility with disc brakes.

Easy installation – most cyclists can install this Topeak Bike Rack in 10 to 40 minutes although the directions could be better. There is a YouTube video to help you if required.

Easy mounting  – Topeak’s proprietary QuickTrack system makes it easy to mount compatible bags or baskets to a rear rack simply slide, and click. Line up the composite QuickTrack base with the channels on any Topeak rear rack, and slide forward until it clicks into place. Without tools or straps, your bag’s now securely in place and ready to ride. To remove, you push the yellow release button and slide the bag or basket free.

Cons of the Topeak Bike Rack

  • It is adaptable to all bicycles as advertised, but some bikes may require an adaptor. There are different styles available on Amazon, see below.

Intended use for the Topeak Explorer Bike Rack

  • Long-distance bicycle touring
Topeak Explorer Bicycle Rack
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Topeak Explorer Bike Rack Features and Specifications

  • Topeak Explorer Bike Rear rack
  • MTX Series Bag Compatibility
  • 6061 T-6 Hollow aluminum alloy construction
  • Precision welding at all critical support points
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • 620 gram (1.38 pound) weight w/o spring
  • 55-pound maximum weight capacity
  • Measures 9.3 x 16.1 x 13.6 inches (W x H x D)
  • Solid Fender Top, fits all frames, RedLite Mount, Tail Light Mount

What customers say about the Topeak Explorer Bike Rack

There were lots and lots of great reviews for this bike rack. The true value of this rack is how well it works with compatible bags from Topeak, such as the Topeak MTX Trunk Bag.

There are plenty of reviews regarding the installation including these two. People complained about it was hard to put on their bikes. If you have an iota of mechanical ability, this won’t be a problem, put it on a bike with disc brakes in about 8 minutes. It probably took me about 40 minutes to install this but if I had to do another one, I think I could do it in 10 minutes. Can be installed with a set of Allen wrenches, a level, and a socket set.

Another reviewer commented that this rack is a really sturdy rack and has plenty of surface area to mount a medium gym bag with no issues. I got it because it has the strip down the middle to use as a small fender and the accessories that Topeak has for it. It has a mount for a light for which I mounted a Blackburn MARS nicely


To check out all our bike panniers, click here. The sturdy Topeak Explorer Bike Rack is equally great for long-distance bicycle touring or local recreational rides at an economical price.

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Topeak Explorer Bike Rack




Ease to install






Value for money



  • Tough construction
  • Easy installation
  • Easy pannier mounting
  • Lightweight
  • Solid fender on top


  • May require adaptor on some bike models