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Planet Bike Protege 9 Function Bike Computer Review

The Planet Bike Protege 9 Function Bike Computer offers all the functions you will require. When bicycle touring your will require either a GPS or bike computer to assist in following your route and this weatherproof model is excellent.

Planet Bike Protege 9.0 9-Function Bike Computer


What is good about this bike computer

Easy to read screen – small enough to fit nicely on your bicycle handle bars, but large enough to read the 4 line display clearly, the Protege 9.0 provides all the information you need in a sleek and elegant form.

Planet Bike Protege Bike ComputerEasy to operate – displaying four lines of information on one screen, the computer provides up to five pieces of data at once without you even needing to press a button. And when necessary switching displays only requires a simple tap on the computer, making it is easy to operate in the midst of your ride, even with your cycling gloves on. A longer tap on the computer will reset the data.

9 useful functions – including current speed, speed comparator, ride time, trip distance, dual odometer (for two wheel sizes), average speed, maximum speed, clock, and temperature for up to two different bikes.

Recording your trips – record and track your trip information effortlessly as you ride. The computer auto-starts when your bike begins moving, and mileage and time stop recording when you stop and restart automatically when you begin again so you can get an accurate reading of your time and distance no matter how many times you stop. Don’t you get frustrated with bike computers which you must remember to stop when you take a break?

Good for 2 bikes – has a two bike capability, allowing you to set the wheel circumference for two different wheel sizes so you can preset odometer readings for both. A single button on the back of the computer allows you to toggle between bikes. An additional wire/sensor harness is all that is needed to use the computer on two different bikes.


Planet Bike Protege 9.0 9-Function Bike Computer with Temperature Features

  • Planet Bike Protege 9.0 9 function Bike ComputerEasy to read display
  • 9 useful functions
  • Easy to operate
  • Four-line MacroMonitor LCD
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Ultrasonically welded
  • Displays shows up to five pieces of data at a glance
  • Fits 25.0 to 31.8-millimeter handlebars
  • Magnet fits up to four-millimeter bladed spokes
  • 82 centimeter wire mounting kit for front wheel
  • Case size: 40 x 47 millimeters
  • Height with bracket: 27 millimeters
  • Weight: 57 grams with bracket and sensor
  • 2 Bike capacity
  • Easy to follow instructions

What customers say about the Planet Bike Protege 9 Function Bike Computer

There were lots of positive reviews for this cycling computer. Reviewers found the display to be highly accurate for distance with some testing against a GPS. And the buttonless” design works well and allows a large display with most everything you’ll need on one very readable page.

Very durable with cyclists riding through rain, low temperatures and more with no issues. Some reviewers commented how much they liked the long lasting battery with one cyclist using it for 9,000 miles before needing to replace it.

There seems to be issues with the temperature when it is in direct sunlight, although it works fine in the shade. Also a few people would have liked a backlight for night riding.

This reviewer sums it up well stating, “The Protege is an excellent basic bike computer. I’ve used it in the rain, in temperatures down to 16F, and it has continued to function without issue. The four line display is very convenient, all the pertinent information is presented to you in a glance.”

The Planet Bike Protege 9.0 9-Function Bike Computer provides all the basic functions you need while riding at a very affordable price.

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