Planet Bike Blaze LED Headlight

Planet Bike Blaze 2Watt LED Headlight Review

The Planet Bike Blaze 2Watt LED Headlight provides steady light when riding at night.

Planet Bike Blaze 2Watt LED Headlight


When bicycle touring there are 4 reasons to have a good headlight:

  • Light if cycling at night to a store/restaurant or late arrival in your destination
  • Visibility so motorists can see you in low light situations
  • As a flashlight whether camping or some small hotels
  • Is a legal requirements in some regions. Where I live it is about $100 fine if cycling after dark without lights

What is good about the Planet Bike Blaze 2Watt LED Headlight

Instant flashlight – fitting 25.4-Millimeter to 31.8-Millimeter handlebars the quick cam bracket can be mounted without tools.

Standard batteries – I have been in a foreign country bicycle touring where I could not find batteries for something so I love that this uses standard AA batteries.

Brightness  –  provides a narrow beam of light in steady and flashing modes. High/low beams along with super-flash mode for blaze 1 and 2.

Planet Bike Blaze 2Watt LED Headlight Features

  • Planet Bike Blaze 2Watt LED HeadlightHigh/low/flashing run times of 5/12/18 hours
  • Uses 2 AA batteries (included)
  • High and low power beams along with SuperFlash flashing mode
  • SuperFlash mode is highly visible, even in daylight
  • QuickCam bracket mounts
  • Adjusts or removes in seconds without tools

What customers say about the Planet Bike Blaze 2Watt LED Headlight

The were many positive reviews for this bike headlight. Reviewers stated that the lens is excellent and provides a highly focused beam of light.

Numerous reviewers commented on how much they appreciated the easy mounting system and that it could also be as a flashlight.

Also reviewers remarked that it merely uses a pair of everyday garden variety AA batteries which are convenient. They also felt the steady beam of light projects well.

There were mixed reviews from a few mountain bikers where some commented that they found on the trails the beam to be narrow but with enough to illuminate the wide trail sufficiently and others did not.

A few other reviewers thought there was insufficient light to ride more than 12-15mph without over-running your headlight.

This light is more than adequate for cruising around and/or commuter biking. On the trail I found the beam to be narrow, but with enough spill to illuminate the wide trail sufficiently. The trail is all dirt with some minor bumps and ruts – mount and light didn’t slip or move around at all.

The Planet Bike Blaze 2Watt LED Headlight provides a beam of light to help you when riding in the dark or low visibility.

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