Park Tool Pedal Wrench

Park Tool PW 3 Pedal Wrench Review

The Park Tool PW 3 Pedal Wrench is necessary for home repairs or if taking your bicycle on a plane for a bicycle touring journey.

Park Tool PW 3 Pedal Wrench


When Bicycle touring involves a flight:

  • Most of the time I prefer to take my own bicycle although I do sometimes rent
  • Most (if not all) airlines require that you deflate your tires, turn the handlebars and remove the pedals. If using a bicycle travel case you may also need to remove the pedals.
  • Park Tool PW 3 Pedal WrenchPrior to leaving for the airport use the pedal wrench take off the pedals. If unable go to your local bike repair shop.
  • When you arrive in your destination right in the airport arrivals baggage claim area I take this pedal wrench out of my pannier and attach the pedals, inflate the tires with my portable pump and using a bike tool adjust the handlebars.
  • I usually travel with a group of 2 – 6 cyclists so you only need one of these per group.
  • If cycling round trip I leave it in my bike travel case which is left at a hotel, B & B or airport storage room depending on the route. If bike touring one way I carry it in my pannier.

What is good about this pedal wrench

Comfortable handle – this one has a round vinyl dipped handle that does not dig into your hands. I also own a flat pedal wrench but don’t use it for that reason although it is slightly more flat to pack in my pannier.

Precision openings – precise 15mm and 9/16 openings that fit on the bike fine with no adjusting needed, important after a long flight when you arrive in your destination tired.

Quality pedal wrench – made from Cro-Moly steel for a shop quality pedal wrench that is made to last.

Park Tool PW 3 Pedal Wrench Features

  • Park Tool PW 3 Pedal WrenchFits 15mm and 9/16 Inch which is pretty standard
  • Made from Cro-Moly steel
  • Vinyl dipped handle
  • Precision openings
  • Only 12.5” (32 cm) long

What customers say about the Park Tool PW 3 Pedal Wrench


There were many positive reviews for this pedal wrench. Reviewers agreed that this is a quality pedal wrench, works great and has a solid construction. They also said it is easy and comfortable to use.

One reviewers also remarked, “not sure exactly why some pedal tools cost triple of what this Park tool costs. This tool is great for taking off Pedals and the long handle allows almost anyone the ability of switching pedals with little ease.”

The Park Tool PW 3 Pedal Wrench provides a dependable and comfortable way to remove bike pedals when necessary.


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