Ortlieb Back Roller Plus Bag

Ortlieb Back Roller Plus Bag Review

You’re ready for all weather on your bicycle touring adventures with the Ortlieb Back Roller Plus Bag. These are considered by many to be the best panniers for bicycle touring by keeping your clothing and gear clean and dry.

Ortlieb Back Roller Plus Bag

Ortlieb Back and Front-Rollers have long since been classics among waterproof bike panniers. Outdoor specialists swear by the functional and strong system of front and rear bag loading on both sides. And since every ounce is crucial for long distance bike touring, the Rollers’ main advantage is their little net weight.

No matter whether you are bicycle touring across forest tracks or desert roads, cross canyons or rivers, the extremely durable outer fabric of the Ortlieb has proven its strength in numerous real tests. These are not the only reasons why the all weather solution was awarded several times by the bicycle press: hermetical roll closures, shoulder straps and the Ortlieb QL System ensure that food and equipment are not only protected 100% but also accessible at any time.

Ortlieb Back Roller Plus Bag Features

  • Two large capacity panniers
  • Made of PU-coated Cordura nylon
  • Dimensions of 16.5 x 12.5 x 9 incher
  • One inner pocket
  • Reflectors
  • Compatibility: QL2 system, fits 8mm – 16mm top rails
  • Weight of 3 lb, 11 oz.
  • Assorted colors available
  • Recommended for bicycle touring
  • Manufacturer warranty of 5 years

Note: The Back-Roller and Front-Roller can be combined with the Ortlieb Rack Pack on the rear rack for waterproof transport of tent, sleeping bag and mattress.  Meanwhile the Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Bag is a similar bag only made with PU-coated polyester which feels slick and shiny like a canoe “dry bag”

You can ride with the Ortlieb Back Roller Plus Bag in heavy rainstorms and everything inside will be nice and dry. You get what you pay for with cycling gear, whether you’re dealing with tires, rain gear or panniers and these are considered the gold standard in touring gear.

Everything is about the design is carefully thought out from the reflective patches on the side to the rugged mounting hardware. These bags are extremely easy to get on and off the rack. To check out other bags for bike touring, click here.

What customers say about the Ortlieb Back Roller Plus Bag

There were only a few reviews at the time of this writing, all positive. Reviewers generally feel they are more expensive than other panniers but well worth it. In particular they appreciate how waterproof these bags are. Also that they are very secure and easy to get on and off the bike rack.

If you are planning on bicycle touring the Ortlieb Back Roller Plus Bag are considered the best panniers.


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