Guided Bike Tours

Guided Bike Tours

Guided Bike Tours are preferred by many cyclists as the planning is done for you. You can easily purchase a package from an adventure travel company that offers bicycle tours.

Why Purchase Guided Bike Tours

Available from an adventure travel company

• Planning – its worry free as all the route planning, accommodation has been arranged by a company that offers trips over this same route frequently over the season
• Traveling companions – you cycle with like minded people from around the world who enjoy bicycle touring and you have someone discuss experiences with.
• Accommodation – many companies have a single share policy where if you are traveling alone they provide a roommate which can reduce costs. Many people who wish to bicycle tour but do not have cycling friends find this a great feature
• Experienced guide – the guide has most likely done the route many times and knows each turn, the best places for breaks, undiscovered restaurants where to go to dinner and which attractions are worth a visit. If you decide on a self guided tour you have someone to call in an emergency
• Routes of varied lengths – many bicycle tour companies offer both short and longer daily routes to cater to different needs. Also some companies provide a van to assist should you run out of steam or into technical difficulty
• Luggage – is moved from hotel to hotel so you can focus just on the scenery and cycling.
• Excellent bicycles for touring – well maintained bicycles may be supplied so you do not have the hassle of packing your bicycle in a bike box for a flight,


Guided Bike Tours Trip Styles

Next, decide on the destination for your bicycle tour. Adventure travel companies offer bicycle touring on most continents from one to three weeks on length. Consider your fitness level and the terrain that may be expected. Also consider the different cultures and your ability to adapt to local conditions.

Guided Bike Tours

There guided bike tours and self guided ones available. For a guided tour you pay a little more and have someone with experience to lead the group and assist if a problem arises. On self guided bike tours you receive maps and directions, have your luggage moved to the next hotel and cycle at your own pace. An advantage to the self guided bike tours is that you can stop to explore longer at places of a personal interest and save money too.

This is considered a green type of travel and most bicycle touring companies are environmentally sensitive. Check out the internet for their policies.


Guided Bike Tours Price Differences

The main reason for differences in price of a bicycle tour between the various bicycle touring companies is the quality of the hotels used during the tour. Accommodation may range from 3 to 5 star or even a local style such as bungalows in Asia.  The number of guides that escort each bicycle tour and whether there is a van that accompanies the group supplying snacks, a lift to your hotel if needed or bicycle repairs also makes a difference.

There will also be a difference on the number of included meals during the bicycle tour. Another item is whether entrance fees are included to castles, museums or other attractions the group may visit. Some bicycle touring companies supply bicycles while other offer them for an additional fee.

Most tour companies will require you to purchase travel insurance, either from them directly or offer proof if purchased else where.

Purchasing guided bike tours from an adventure tour company can be a fun and worry free experience, but compare carefully before you purchase.

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