Giro Indicator Bike Helmet

Giro Indicator Bike Helmet Review

The Giro Indicator Bike Helmet is comfortable good looking helmet  unlike many models. It has amazing ventilation yet it is very lightweight combined in a modern design that compliments every type of rider.

Giro Indicator Bike Helmet

There is no special helmet for bicycle touring so it comes down to personal preference. Beside being durable this one has a removable visor and excellent fit.

What is good about the Giro Indicator Bike Helmet

Solid construction – built using Giro’s in-mold construction, which fuses the helmet’s outershell with the impact-absorbing EPS liner. Not only does this Giro Indicator Bike Helmetreinforce both layers, but the “exoskeleton” also allows Giro to engineer helmets that are lighter, more durable, and better ventilated.  In fact it weighs only 0.62 pounds.

Great ventilation – includes 20 built-in vents, which thrust cool, fresh air over and around the rider’s head while forcing heat and stale air keeping you comfortable as much bicycle touring is during the warmer months.

Adjustable size – carefully sculpted and size-specific, with an easy-to-adjust Acu Dial fit system. The helmet adjusts between 21.25 and 24 inches.

Very stylish – choice of color and  excellent design to make you look good and you will love the helmet’s snap-fit visor, which shields your eyes on bright, sunny days.


Giro Indicator Bike Helmet Features

  • Giro Indicator Sport Bike HelmetLightweight bike helmet that’s ideal for casual or technical use
  • In-mold construction fuses outer shell with impact-absorbing EPS liner
  • 20 built-in vents thrust cool air over and around rider’s head
  • Includes snap-fit visor
  • Acu Dial fit system for easy 1-hand adjustment
  • Adjusts between 21.25 and 24 inches
  • Weighs 0.62 pounds
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Complies with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s safety standards for bicycle helmets


What customers say about the Giro Indicator Helmet

There were many positive reviews for this cycling helmet. For example these 3 reviewers talked about the great look. This helmet was really exactly what I wanted. It has a good fit and actually looks good on my head. I was looking for a beautiful and cheap helmet and I found it with this Giro helmet. It is comfortable and make me look as a sportsman. This Giro bike helmet is comfortable and looks cool for a teenage boy, who doesn’t like bulky/dorky helmets.

When you have problems it works as this reviewer stated that it is excellent fit, very comfortable, light, and good ventilation. It’s protection ability was tested yesterday when I hit a curb wrong and went flying – cracked the helmet & received 16 stitches to my eye but no concussion or other head injury… which really surprised the emergency room doctor. I’m buying the exact same model today as my replacement.

Another reviewer also found it works as he bought this for street riding. The helmet keeps my head well ventilated in the heat of the summer. The visor works well to keep the sun out of my eyes. The helmet did just what it was supposed to do when I was hit by a car 2 months ago and the helmet kept me from sustaining a head injury. I remember when I hit the ground my head hit hard and the helmet while scuffed up was still in pretty good shape.

Numerous reviewers found it is light weight and seems durable! Ventilation is good and does not sweat when you are wearing it. I used it pretty much everyday from day one. good product, would recommend!

And this reviewer got this helmet right before going on a bike trip. The helmet is easy to adjust and is comfortable to wear (unlike the helmets I remember growing up). Throughout the 6 days of biking, I never had any discomfort or problems with the helmet – I am very happy with it.

The Giro Indicator Bike Helmet is economical, yet will provide the protection you require while bicycle touring.

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