Garmin Edge 800 GPS

Garmin Edge 800 GPS Enabled Cycling Computer Review

The Garmin Edge 800 GPS Enabled Cycling Computer is the first touchscreen GPS bike computer for providing navigation and performance monitoring.

Garmin Edge 800 GPS Enabled Cycling Computer

Many cyclists feel this is the best cycling GPS available today.


What is good about the Garmin Edge 800 GPS Enabled Cycling Computer

Finding your way – records your every move with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that stays locked on, even under tree cover. The receiver features HotFix satellite prediction to calculate your position faster, plus it has automatic time zone adjustment.

Provides great stats – tracks your distance, speed, location and ascent/descent. Use it with an ANT+ heart rate monitor, speed/cadence sensor or compatible power meter for a finely tuned analysis of your ride.

Use it while riding  – perhaps of of the best features is that it is sensitive enough to respond to the tap of your gloved hand. Switch training pages or pan and zoom the map with just a tap.

Readability – don’t you just hate it when you can’t read things in bright sunlight. With this GPS the color display is easy to view in all lighting conditions.

Very durable – Garmin designed this display to be rugged enough to stand up to the elements.  The Edge 800 is waterproof to IPX7 standards and can withstand hard knocks and scrapes it might endure in mountain biking environments.

Mounting – the aerodynamic Edge 800 has a carbon fiber look with either blue or white accents and attaches to the stem or handlebar of your bike with the low-profile mount. A quarter-turn mount design holds unit securely and lets you easily swap it between bikes using removable, reusable bands.

Route planning – this cycling gps also guides you along routes recorded by other cyclists. Explore our Garmin Connect site and choose from millions of rides uploaded by other users. Any activities you upload to your Edge 800 are stored as courses. You can follow the course with navigation prompts or, for a little competition, race it and try to beat previously set goals.

Basemap – It has a built-in basemap that shows major roads and cities, plus it’s compatible with Garmin microSD cards packed with either street or topo maps. Create a route, view elevation changes and other data, and then upload to Edge which provides turn-by-turn navigation prompts on screen.


Cons about the Garmin Edge 800 GPS Enabled Cycling Computer

  • The manual with the GPS is poor, however there is an online version from Garmin is a lot better.


Garmin Edge 800 GPS Enabled Cycling Computer is ideal for

  • Bicycle touring
  • Bike commuting
  • Competitive cycling
  • Mountain biking
  • Recreational riding day trips
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Garmin Edge 800 GPS Enabled Cycling Computer Features and Specifications

  • Garmin Edge 800 GPS Enabled Cycling ComputerEdge 800 High-sensitivity receiver
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Touchscreen and simple to use interface
  • Ability to read in sunlight
  • Bike Mount
  • AC Charger and USB Cable
  • Quick Start Manual


What customers say about the Garmin Edge 800 GPS Enabled Cycling Computer


There were lots of positive reviews of this GPS. One reviewer stated that he has never owned a bicycle GPS, but have tested many basic bike computers. The Garmin 800 is accurate, fast, easy to use and most of all fun. The screen is easy to read, even in direct sunlight, and it lights up automatically if it is dark outside.

A veteran GPS user comments that I for one love the 800- and the linchpin is the touchscreen. It makes the unit much easier to work with over past units. I was a little jaded and didn’t expect much from touchscreen but now that I’ve used it, it has made a world of difference.

Another reviewer stated the Garmin Edge 800 has more features than anyone could possibly want. But it is very fun to use. If you are considering cheaper models but are drooling over this one, then buy it. No, you do not need it. But you do not need to get up at 5:00 AM on a Sunday to go for a bike ride wearing Lycra tights either. You do it because it’s fun. (Riding, not wearing tights.) If you can spare the cash, buy this.

And this reviewer mentioned he was looking for a nice mapping GPS that would allow download of bicycle routes from various sites and provide a nice, clear graphic display of the turn by turn navigation as well as route information such as climbs, distances speeds, etc. this is perfect!

For other GPS, click here. The Garmin Edge 800 GPS Enabled Cycling Computer is most likely the best one for cyclists out there today with amazing features to help you find your way, track your stats and this have a more enjoyable ride.

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