Cycling Salzkamergut

Cycling Tours Europe, the Salzkamergut

Cycling tours Europe can include a visit to the Salzkamergut (Lakes) region of Austria near Salzburg. The video below shows you some of the highlights of the area.

For this cycle vacation you need to take along a copy of Salzkammergut Radatlas with excellent maps showing the various bike routes. Although it is in German, the index is also in English and with detailed maps is easy to follow.

Cycling Tours Europe, the Salzkammergut

There are a variety of very scenic series of routes circling the lakes of the Salzkammergut in Austria which are framed by high mountains. Much of the movie, The Sound of Music was filmed in this region so you may recognize some of the sights and it is also a popular recreation area for Austrians all year round.


It is best to start (or end) your cycling tour in Salzburg and head along the Salzkammergut route into the gentle hills to the east. After a few hours you reach Mondsee, your first lake. The church here was the site of the wedding scene in the movie, The Sound of Music. The bike route continues a bit south on a quiet road with a climb and downhill before reach St. Gilgen on scenic Lake Wolfgang as it is surrounded by high mountains.

The expressway on the north shore has tunnels and no places for bicycles so continue riding on the paved bike path along the southern shores of Wolfgangsee. If you choose to stay in St. Wolfgang like we did take the bike ferry ride across the lake from the campground located mid point. Other cyclists may decide to overnight in Strobl or Bad Ischl at the eastern end of the lake.

Do take a day ride to scenic Hallstatt, your third lake and a town now famous on many calandars (picture below). This is a pedestrian only town so lock your bike and go exploring. This pretty town was only accessible by boat until a century ago and still has plenty of charm (and tourists). Besides exploring the town the Salt Mine tour is worth the effort. The lakeside restaurants can be crowded and a bit expensive but you cannot beat the view.

Salzkammergut bicycle touring

The Salzkammergut bike route continues north along the Traun River to Gmunden, located on another lake and a great place to stay.

From here cycle along the bike route to the west into Steinbach on the Attersee before heading back to Salzburg along one of several options.

If you head back to Salzburg the long ride down the hill into the city along the bike trail is spectacular. As you cross the fields you can see the river to your right and ahead in the distance is the famous castle high above the city.. With the Sound of Music going through my mind this is one my favorite sections for bicycle touring anywhere in the world.

In Salzburg connect with the Tauern Bike route while others who are bicycle touring head north from the Salzkamergut to connect with the Danube Bike Route.

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