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Did you know there are Bike Hotels in Europe? Yes there are hotels that cater to cyclists in particular along the more popular routes such as the Danube. When cycling Europe where you stay is an important part of the overall experience.

I always try to stay in a local hotel which reflects the traditions of the region I am visiting. In Europe this includes bike hotels which cater especially to people bicycle touring.

European Bike Hotels Features

Features do vary from hotel to hotel although they normally include:

  • A safe storage room with restricted access for storing your bicycle overnight
  • A place to wash your bicycle at the hotel
  • The hotelier has maps available about local cycling routes. This can be helpful if spending a few nights in one location and taking daily rides to explore
  • Information about nearby cycle repair shops. In Vienna during one trip just after arrival one cyclist had a bike issue and because of the hotel recommendation we were able to get to the bike shop quickly as shops close at noon on Saturdays
  • High energy breakfast with cereals, eggs, cheese and more. They will normally make arrangements for an early breakfast if necessary such as an train departure
  • The hotelier will prepare a picnic lunch on request. I do not recommend this service unless necessary as it is always better in Europe to go to the local grocery store
  • Weather forecast is posted in the hotel
An unofficial benefit is that there are usually plenty of other cyclists staying in these hotels as well and you can discuss the route issues, what to see, restaurants and more.

Some cycling Europe Bike Hotels offer laundry facilities (Italy), bicycle travel case storage (all, although it is never advertised), assistance with luggage transfers for cycling tours (France).

Cycle Europe Bike Hotels

Hotel Stadthalle, Vienna

  • Logis Hotels in France, Italy offer Cycling Europe Bike Hotels is one chain the chains which offer bike hotels.
  • You can also take a look at which has independent small hotels in Austria (i.e. along Danube), Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

You will find that many hotels along the Danube Bike route and other major bike routes also offer these services. The Hotel Stadthalle in Vienna (above) is part of a bicycle hotel chain located near the west train station and is one of many offering these services within a major European city. Don’t let the picture fool you as this hotel offers a great courtyard, bicycle storage, individually decorated rooms and a wonderful breakfast.

The bicycle association web sites for Germany and Switzerland also list bed and breakfasts which are bicycle friendly and also offer these services. See our resources section for a list.

For additional information on planning your next bicycle touring experience go to The Essential Touring Cyclist

Other options can include camping, hotels, Bed and Breakfasts. When planning your next trip a Cycling Europe Bike Hotels could be part of your itinerary, you will find they are very welcoming!

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