Crank Brothers Bicycle Tool

Crank Brothers Multi 19 Function Bicycle Tool Review

The Crank Brothers Multi 19 Function Bicycle Tool includes all you require for common repairs during your ride. I often see other cyclists stopped along the road or bike trail as they don’t have a pump or any tools for something that is an easy repair.

Crank Brothers Multi 19 Function Bicycle Tool

Even if you are not good at bike repairs you should carry this set. For example sometimes when riding with our local cycling club individuals run in situations where there is someone else with a lot of expertise but they may not have their tools along.

What is good about the bicycle tool

Crank Brothers Multi 19 Function Bicycle Tool19 Useful tools – for all the common road and trail side repairs you may run across. The set made of high tensile steel includes 7 hex wrenches, 4 spoke wrench sizes, a small and large Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, a t-25 Torx driver for disc brakes, and a universal chain tool to tackle any task short of building a bike from loose parts. There are also 8 and 10mm open wrenches.

Slim carrying case – comes in a lightweight and durable aluminum hard case that slips inside your bicycle panniers or bike bag with ease.

Handy size – at only 175 grams (without the tool case) and 3.5 inches long you will hardly notice it, until it is needed.


Crank Brothers Multi 19 Function Bicycle Tool Features

  • Crank Brothers Multi Bike ToolIncludes 19 Tools
  • Tools made of high tensile steel
  • Comes with a Tool Flask
  • Includes Two Phillips and Two Flathead Screwdrivers
  • Has a Universal Chain Tool
  • Four Spoke Wrench Sizes
  • 175 grams (w/o tool flask)
  • Length of 3.5 inches
  • Comes in silver or gold color

What customers say about the Crank Brothers Multi Function Bicycle Tool

I added this product to this site as I noticed that many of you were checking out my other products but ended up purchasing this bike tool. After looking at all the positive reviews I agree it needs to along on every ride.

In fact numerous reviewers stated that this is a very solid and sturdy tool that will not break if dropped and that high quality steel is used for the Allen wrenches so they will not strip. One reviewer said this is just the right size and appears to have the necessary strength to make difficult adjustments

Also reviewers seem to agree that with this tool, a spare tube, and tire levels you have everything you need to handle most bike repairs on the road,

Many cyclists felt that this bike tool fits perfectly in the tail bag and doesn’t take much room if you don’t put it in the case it includes.

This is something I see happening a lot. This cyclist “bought this because my bike seat came loose an hour ride from my home and I basically had to stand while riding my bike all the way home.”

The Crank Brothers Multi 19 Function Bicycle Tool is probably the best multifunction bike tool for use while you are riding and is available at a very affordable price.


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