Cateye Strada Wireless Cycling Computer

Cateye CC-RD400DW Strada Double Wireless Cycling Computer Review

The Cateye CC-RD400DW Strada Double Wireless Cycling Computer provides an easy to program touch-screen interface with functions easy to switch while bicycle touring.

Cateye CC-RD400DW Strada Double Wireless Cycling Computer


Cateye CC-RD400DW Strada Double Wireless Cycling Computer

Easy to program – this cycling computer is designed to have you up and rolling in no time at all. It is equipped with an easy-to-program ClickTec touch-screen interface. Simply press the screen in the appropriate spot and the screen will act as the button itself, thereby maximizing display space and creating a sleek appearance.

Important Measurements – the computer includes an innovative ISCTec sensor that helps you measure your cadence, current speed, maximum speed, and average speed all in a single package. Other features include a programmable odometer, an integrated clock, an auto start/stop function, an auto power-saving mode, a pace arrow, support for two wheel sizes, and a programmable speed unit.

It’s wireless – has a built-in digital wireless system that communicates seamlessly with the wheel sensor. The wireless system offers more than 30 ID codes to prevent cross-talk interference with other electronic devices.

Track your training progress – if you need to gauge your training progress or determine your trip distance? Simply turn on the Strada, which also measures your elapsed time.

Bicycle mounting – with the universal tool-free FlexTight bracket, the Strada mounts on any size handlebar or stem.


Cateye CC-RD400DW Strada Double Wireless Cycling Computer Features and Specifications

  • Cateye CC-RD300DW Strada Double Wireless Cycling ComputerWireless cycling computer with easy-to-program touch-screen interface
  • Innovative ISCTec sensor measures cadence, current speed, max speed, and more
  • Also captures average speed, 2 trip distances, and elapsed time
  • Universal tool-free FlexTight bracket mounts on any handlebar or stem
  • Built-in digital wireless system with 30 ID codes
  • 40-inch (100 cm) transmission distance
  • Batteries: CR2032 x 2 (1 each for head unit and sensor)
  • Rear chainstay-mounted speed and cadence sensor
  • Rear-wheel-mounted speed magnet
  • Crank-arm-mounted cadence magnet

What customers say about the Cateye CC-RD400DW Strada Double Wireless Cycling Computer

There were lots of great reviews for this cycling computer. For example this reviewer said I’ve put just over a 1,000 miles on this computer and like every other Cat Eye product I’ve ever owned, it works. Cat Eye is one of the best cycling companies you’ll ever deal with. If you need something, either a small part or technical help, they are always just a phone call away.

Another reviewer stated I’m a bit of a stats junkie and so this was a logical addition to my bike. Was not too hard to install, although did take a little bit of fiddling – nothing too serious though. Have used it over the last 2 weeks, and I wonder why it took me so long to get one! Does everything it should, easy to switch between functions while on the go, reasonable size screen although the lower numbers can some times be a little harder to read – just my dodgy eyes I think

Many reviewers felt it works as advertised. I mostly use the cadence counter and like the fact you can see both cadence and speed at the same time (which you quickly learn to translate into which gear you are using without having to look down). Also nice small indicator showing show if you are loosing or gaining average speed.

This reviewer remarked I did find the instructions cluttered and unorganized, but all the information is there. I especially liked the detailed explanation of how to calibrate for wheel sizes and tires. Comparing between GPS readings and even Sheldon Brown’s gear calculator, the default settings are actually very accurate.

To check out other brands of bike computers, click here. The Cateye CC-RD400DW Strada Double Wireless Cycling Computer provides an easy to use method to track your riding progress.

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