Axiom Rear Bike Rack

Axiom Journey Rear Bike Rack Review

The Axiom Journey rear bike rack is solid enough to carry any loaded panniers you may use during while bicycle touring.

Axiom Journey rear bike rack


What is good about the Axiom Journey Rear Bike Rack

Solid construction – this tubular alloy rack is made from very strong and hand welded aluminum. With a capacity of 154 pounds that is far more than you will ever carry when touring. For example when I am touring my average weight varies from 22-25 pounds with camping gear extra, although I do pack light. On day rides the weight is obviously a lot less. Fits most bikes – it fits 26” 27” and 700c wheels including road, MTB and hybrid bikes with fenders which pretty much covers anything you might be using for cycle touring. Superb design – with the extra tubing on the side your panniers will not get caught in the spokes. Also it is set back far enough so the heels of your shoes should not keep banging into the bags. [azdf asin=”B002994ES4″]

Axiom Journey Rear Bike Rack Features

  • Axiom Journey Rear Bike RackRear mount rack fits 26″, 27″, and 700c wheels
  • Fits, road, MTB and hybrid bikes with fenders
  • Hand welded 10 2mm tubular 6061 T6 aluminum alloy construction
  • Versalock tubular aluminum stay mounts
  • Hand-welded 10.2mm tubular 6061 T6 alloy construction
  • 360mm Stay length
  • 390mm x 150mm platform area
  • Weight of 1.54 pounds (700g)
  • Capacity of 154 pounds (70kg)
  • Black color

What customers say about this bike rack

[Rating:5/5] The reviewers felt very positive and gave it a rating of almost 5 out of 5. Everyone commented about how strongly constructed this cycle rack is. One reviewer felt that this rack blows the competition away. A the time of this writing there were no issues with this bike rack. Many reviewers commented that they chose the Avenir Journey Tubular Alloy rack because of the high weight carrying capacity. No one reported any issues  installing this rack which sometimes is an issue with other models. One cyclist mentioned that the that extra tubing points towards the rear preventing the pannier from rubbing against the spokes. Another liked that this design rides far enough back that his heels do not hit the panniers, problem I have had with another brand.

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If you want to check out other bicycle racks we offer, click here. The Axiom Journey Rear Bike Rack is well constructed and is sure to handle any load you may have while cycling.

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