Avenir Large Panniers

Avenir Excursion Large Panniers Review

Avenir Excursion large panniers have 1,694 cubic inches of storage space holding everything from groceries to books to bicycle gear.

Avenir Excursion large panniers


What is good about the Avenir Excursion Large Panniers

Convenient size – equipped with 1,694 cubic inches of storage space in two main compartments which is large enough for water bottles, clothes, food, and a host of other items.

Easy mounting – an adjustable nylon strap mounting system that keeps them securely fastened to the rear of your bike because there is nothing worse than having them knocked off when you hit a bump on a busy road.

Handy pockets – Llove pockets on panniers for putting smaller items such as snacks, bike tools, cell phone or whatever. There are six 420-denier ripstop nylon outer pockets on this bike bag.

Rain covers –  integrated 420 denier ripstop nylon rain covers with drawstring tops and fully taped seams because you are sure to have some bad weather.

Safety – generous reflective stripes for dimly lit days, and a rear light attachment clip on each bag.

Excellent quality – The panniers are made of tough 600-denier nylon. Avenir by Raleigh is the premier bicycle accessory line from legendary Raleigh Bicycles.


Who the Avenir Excursion Large Panniers are ideal for

  • Bicycle commuters
  • Grocery shopping by bike
  • For bicycle touring these are a more moderate size and you may wish a larger size. However many have used cyclists these panniers successfully combined with smaller front panniers

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Avenir Excursion Large Panniers Features and Specifications

  • Avenir Excursion Large PanniersPair of large bicycle panniers with 1,694 cubic inches of storage space
  • Tough 600-denier nylon construction with adjustable nylon strap system
  • Two main compartments with space for water bottles, gear, clothes, and more
  • Six ripstop nylon outer pockets for smaller items
  • Integrated 420 denier ripstop nylon covers with drawstring top & fully taped seams
  • Generous reflective stripes for dimly lit days
  • Rear light attachment clips


What customers say about the Avenir Excursion Large Panniers

There were many positive comments about the Avenir Excursion large bicycle panniers. One reviewer stated my wife and I have used these for two years, one large set and one medium set. During that time we rode 500 miles across Germany, commuted daily to work, and I just completed a 1,000 mile trip through the mountains and across NC to the sea.

There were many comments about bicycle commuting with one reviewer saying these panniers are great for daily commuting. I easily fit my 17″ Dell laptop, a rain jacket, gloves, hat, cellphone, wallet, and two large text books comfortably in ONE. In the other I usually have two medium-sized tupper-ware containers for breakfast/lunch and have plenty of room for other items.

One reviewer mentioned that putting the bags on/off the rack is literally a snap. I ride a small mountain bike and have no problems with clipping on either side with the bags just rear of center on the rack.

A bicycle touring reviewer said I bought a full set of these panniers (large panniers, small panniers, handlebar bag, rear rack top bag) in 2010 and use them for occasional grocery shopping and long distance touring. I have packed them full of gear to a point that would have tested the seams, zippers and straps of even expensive bags, yet these bags have taken the punishment very well indeed.

Another bicycle touring reviewer stated my son and I just completed a 3 day,184.5 mile bike trip along the C&O Canal, from Cumberland, Maryland to Washington,DC (plus extra miles) camping along the way. I had no experience with packing for that kind of trip, so I read the reviews and took a chance on these panniers. They worked great! I was able to fit everything I needed,with room to spare, without using my usual bag that fits on top of the rack, so my rolled sleeping mat could be strapped in that space. The panniers attached easily and securely,never needed to be readjusted, and my heels did not bump into the packed bags.

This reviewer thought the material is light but reasonably tough–so far. Hook and clip attachment is something I have not seen before, and works great to keep bags attached over bumpy roads on mountain bike.

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