Avenir Coil Combo Cable Lock

Avenir Coil Combo Cable Lock Review

The Avenir Coil Combo Cable Lock keeps your bike secure overnight or while you are exploring on foot. Where I live in Toronto 3,100 bicycles were reported stolen last year (and many go unreported) so you need a bike lock of some type.

Avenir Coil Combo Cable Lock


When bicycle touring:

  • I generally go to bicycle friendly hotels or B & B which have or can provide a safe area for my bicycle overnight. In Europe, along the major bike routes such as the Danube, ALL the bike hotels all have rooms just for this purpose. I still lock my bike but only others who are bicycle touring have access.
  • When camping I lock my bike around a tree and cover it with some light plastic.
  • When cycle touring I am always in a group of 2 to 6 friends so we lock our bikes together.
  • During the day when we stop for lunch, some sightseeing or to go into a store we have found a lock such as this to be sufficient as we are generally in smaller towns.
  • At major attractions or busy areas we have someone guard the bikes in shifts.
  • In cities we mostly just walk or use local transit and leave the bikes at our secure overnight accommodation.

What is good about this cable lock

Combination lock – you do not need to worry about losing a key when you are a long way from home. You can easily change the number to something you can remember.

Mounting – this lock comes with a bracket so you don’t need to wrap the lock around your seat post stem like I do.

Size – I want to keep my weigh low when bicycle touring which is why I use a cable lock. This particular cable is six feet long and is available in different diameters.

Avenir Coil Combo Cable Lock Features

  • Covered, flexible coiled cables
  • Integrated four-digit, easy-set combination lock
  • Bracket included
  • 3 different diameters
  • Six feet long

What customers say about the Avenir Coil Combo Cable Lock

There were lots of positive reviews for this bike lock. Numerous reviewers found this lock very durable and easy to use.

Several reviewers stated it was easy to set your own combo, like in about one minute using the instructions. Some reviewers had indicated an issue with this.

Also some reviewers remarked that they like the handy clip that attaches to your bike and allows you to attach, or detach, the unit with the click of a button. One said, “while I wasn’t looking for this feature, I am so glad it has it. No more winding the cable around and around the seat stem to secure it. How handy.”

Some reviewers said they would not use this style of lock. They were almost entirely in an urban environment which most likely would not happen when bike touring.

To check out our other bike accessories, click here. The Avenir Coil Combo Cable Lock provides an easy and secure method to safeguard your bicycle when not in use.


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