Bike touring on a budget

7 Awesome Tips for Bike Touring on a Budget

In the world of cycling, there are few ventures more exhilarating than bike tours. Traversing vast distances on a bike is one of the most enlivening adventures you can hope for on the ground. Whether the tour involves a simple weekend bike outing or a complex around-the-world exploration, you will doubtlessly experience unparalleled thrill and exposure. However, bike tours are also sadly cost-intensive thus dreaded by several cyclists the world over. Regardless, this hurdle shouldn’t keep you from exploring the fun-filled world of bike touring. This piece takes you through 7 grand tips you can use to optimize your bike tour experience without breaking a bank.

1. Settle for an appropriate type of bike tour

There are several types of bike tours depending on the organization. Though organized and vehicle-supported bike adventures are exceptionally safe, convenient and hassle-free, they are more likely to attract hefty expenditures owing to the several services provided. If you are looking for a cost-friendly way to bike-tour, then, it’s advisable that you settle for either self-supported or credit card bike touring. In credit card bike tours, bikers travel with their cycling essentials like bikes and riding gear but pay for other travel provisions like meals and overnight accommodation. Self-supported bike tours on the other side involve carrying all your tour’s requirements and supplies on your bike as you chew down the miles on the roads and trails.

2. Invest in a suitable tour bike and complementary gear

A reliable bike is a sure way to enjoying a successful bike ride provided you handle it correctly. Therefore, it’s critical that you obtain a bike that goes with your biking style and ensure it’s intricately serviced prior to your planned bike trip. It’s also paramount that you stack up all bike tour essentials including, bike shorts, gloves,, water bottle, reflector vests, bike pump and maintenance kit especially if you will be going on a self-supported or credit card bike adventure.

3. Find yourself a fitting tour buddy

It’s commonly uttered that the most fascinating experiences are gone through with a pal. Can you imagine exploring thick-forest bike trails all on your own? Though it may be an amusingly adrenaline-pumped incident, it would be more exciting if you had a tour partner to while the miles away with. Besides, wouldn’t the tour be more affordable if you shared accommodation, food and bike parking expenses with someone? Your tour buddy may also know alternative and better bike routes in the region you are touring and could have friends along the way whom you can stay nights with.

4. Plan your tour ahead

Inarguably, your bike tour’s success will be determined by the seriousness with which you prepare for it. Here, you should factor in all legs of your trip then break them down into smaller manageable aspects. Remember to exhaustively address the tour’s time of occurrence, expenses, route specifics, accommodation and hazards. A well-executed plan will no doubt guarantee you a memorably victorious bike tour as each phase will proceed smoothly and save you substantial expenditure you will otherwise use up correcting tour flaws like retracing your direction after getting lost.

5. Budget for your tour

Budget constraints are today’s greatest impediments to successful bike tours and the major reason most cyclists dread bike expeditions. To enjoy a successful and cheap bike trip, you need to formulate a low-budget plan addressing the most basic requirements like bike maintenance supplies, mtb helmets and bike shorts first before including luxuries like internet phones. In sticking to a minimal budget, you can also settle for pocket-friendly bike-packaging and transport means like cardboard boxes instead of hard-shell bike boxes and subway bike-cartage instead of air bike transport respectively.

6. Watch out for the weather

Weather conditions can either make or break your bike tour. Calm weather offers the most fitting conditions for exploring trails and off-roads while strong opposing wind, heavy rainfall, snowfall and thick ice are impediments to a winning bike expedition. Such challenging conditions will also demand more aggressive pedaling which eventually leads to speedier bike degradation, incurring heavy maintenance and repair fees in the long run. If you are looking for a cheap way to go on a bike trip, therefore, you should plan for when the weather is most suitable.

7. Stay safe and accessible

Your safety should always supersede everything else as life and health are priceless and irreplaceable. Healthcare is, doubtlessly, a costly affair in both time and cost. Bearing this in mind should motivate you to go on bike tours only where the terrain suits your bike and skill level. Moreover, staying off hazard-laden routes like traffic-intensive roads and extremely challenging trails if you aren’t sufficiently competent, skilled, experienced and confident should help you steer off unwonted situations likely to impact your budget adversely.


The tips outlined above are a sure guide toward enjoying a bike tour affordably. We trust you they will illuminate your way the next time you are planning to tour an area by bike as a solo bike traveler, a duo or a larger bike rider group without offsetting your budget boundaries.

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