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If you do any amount of bicycle touring you can expect the need to do some minor repairs along the way. 

Bike tools – carry a set of basic bike tools during your trip. If riding in a group only one or two need a set of tools. I also have pedal wrench when flying to Europe with my bicycle as it is necessary to remove the pedals and I then leave this with the bike box in storage until I complete the ride.

Bicycle pumps – I have a floor pump I use at the start of recreational rides or trips where I have a base and head out on daily cycles. I also have a high pressure lightweight pump that mounts on my bike frame when touring.  When flying to Europe you are required to deflate your tires so I pump them back up right in the baggage claim area and roll the bike right out of the airport. Again if riding in a group only a few need to carry these.

Some people who are cycle touring take additional items but I have found for anything more major (and it has happened), I have always been able to locate a bike shop.

Check out the bike tools and pumps for your ride below.

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